Mission Statement Entertainment and Management is a subsidiary of Mission Statement Enterprises based in Philadelphia,  Pa and owned by  Dwayne "Heat" Williams formerly of Chocolate Music / Def Jam and Russell Simmons Music / Def Jam where he did A&R, Promotions & Marketing.

Mission Statement Entertainment and Management is operated By Dwayne "Heat" Williams,  Keith "Big Keith" Barham formerly of J Records, Russell Simmons Music Group, and Atlantic Records, and DJ Bootsie, as well as Adam “DJ Addition” Dobrowolski who also has many years of experience. 

Mission Statement Entertainment's mission statement is to bring back the integrity and the grass roots of music as a whole. We want to also bring it back to appeal to the masses of common people that cannot afford or does not have the finances to buy such extravagant things as Jordans, Audemars Piguet's, Robin's Jeans and Bugatti's. While focused on youth, but even appealing to adults,  we want people to be able to relate to the artist, the artist's music and know what adversities they are going through, have gone through in the past, and the struggles or situation they are dealing with now.  In light of that, they want to be able to find a solution in the end to help them and the common person cope with everyday life from something they've heard in a song. No matter what ethnicity we are, one things for certain, we love some type of music as a whole,  no matter what category. That's the responsibility and the power of music.

We believe that's what the hip hop hybrid group "That Nation" represents. They represent responsibility that comes with power, they represent the common person and most of all the void that's missing in music.

Dwayne "Heat" Williams [Chairman/CEO]

Keith "Big Keith" Barham {EVP Marketing & Promo}

DJ Bootsie {VP A&R}

Adam "DJ Addition" Dobrowolski [GM]